Our Philosophy

Investing for Growth

Through the years, we have honed a deep understanding of the many factors that can influence markets and investment returns. We believe an actively managed, diversified securities portfolio can achieve better results over the long-term. We understand that as time goes on, the needs and goals of clients evolve, and so too should their investment portfolios.

With this perspective at the center of our work, we develop deep individual relationships with each client to understand your goals, time horizon and tolerance for risk, then design an investment program to help you build wealth. We believe that it is important that you always know what you own, and why, so we take the time to fully explain our strategies to our clients. We take great care to offer advice that is personalized, goal-driven and specific to your needs. 

Through a discretionary arrangement, we leverage our decades of knowledge and expertise on your behalf, adjusting portfolio holdings to keep your investments on track. Our approach often focuses on large cap and dividend paying stocks – the workhorses of the markets.

As part of B. Riley Wealth, our work is supported by a team of financial experts and extensive resources through the B. Riley platform. B. Riley has demonstrated a strong focus on bringing investors the products, tools, and opportunities necessary to build a robust portfolio that supports a comprehensive financial plan.

While there is no formula or technology that can assure success in the markets, we believe our time-tested approach can deliver results. Working together, we can help you develop a complete, tailored strategy to achieve your financial goals.

Learn more about our investment strategy and securities selection process here.